Ritva Raitsalo Artist


2014 Ritva Raitsalo solo show, Imaginary London, The Coronet, Islington, London

2013 'New Skyline', mixed media collages, Cottrel House, curated by Brent Artists Resource, Wembley, London

1998 & 1996 White Chapel Open & Open Studios, London

1997 Cable Street Open Studios, Limehouse,  London

1997 ‘Helsinki and London Blues’, slide show (work 1990-1996), Finland Trade Centre, London SW1

1995 'Helsinki Blues', Helsinki Arts Festival, Finland

1993 'Visions', mixed media photographs, Everyman Cinema, Hampstead, London

1993 ‘Metropolis’, mixed media photographs, The Drill Hall Arts Centre, London WC1

1987 'Phoenix’, Monoprints, Café Gallery, Bermondsey, London


2011 Corkstreet Open, Mayfair, London , short listed ( by Stuart Temple, Martin Newman, Louis Singh, Giles Baker Smith, Laura Noble)

2012 Cork Street Open, Mayfair, London, selected (by Bridget Coaker, Edward Lucie Smith, Sergei Reviakin, Louis Sigh)


2021 Islington Art Society 80th Anniversary Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London

2021 celebration of 30 years of the Finnish Art Group, Coningsby gallery, London

2019Southwark Park Galleries, 35th Annual Open, London

2018 Suomi SATA exhibition, Sir Petet Blake Gallery, Dartford

2017 The Gallery 286 Christmas Show, Earls Court, London

2017 Christmas Art Exhibition, Chalice Gallery, North London

2017 and 2018 Osman's Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1 gallery, Shoreditch

2017 Islington Art Society, PLY Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall, Crouch End

2017 Islington Art Society Autumn Exhibition, The original gallery, Hornsey, Crouch End

2017 Islington Art Society  Summer Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch

2017 Islington Art Society Committee  exhibition, Cass Art Gallery, Islington

2017 'Deep Space', Studio 1.1 gallery Shoreditch

2016 Osman's Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1 gallery, Shoreditch

2016 Islington Art Society, Autumn Exhibition, The Original gallery, Hornsey, Crouch End

2016 Annual Open, Cafe Gallery Projects, Bermondsey, London

2016 Islington Art Society Summer Exhibition, Espacio gallery, Shoreditch

2016 ART/Converters, Studio1.1 gallery, Shoreditch

2015 Islington Art Society Summer Exibition, Lauderdale House, Highgate

2014 Islington Art Society, Autumn Exhibition, The Original gallery, Hornsey, Crouch En d

2014 Islington Arts Factory, Summer Salon 2,  Parkhurst Road, London

2014 The Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, ASC Studios, New Cross

2014 Islington Art Society, Spring Exhibition, the Gallery, Stoke Newington Library, London

2014 Encounters, Journeys & Discoveries, Queens Parade, Brent Artists Resource

2013-2012-2011- 2010-2009-2008-2007-2006-2004 Annual Open, Café Gallery Projects,  Bermondsey, London

2013 BIG DEALn.5, Q Park, Mayfair, London (curated by Van Balogh and Cedric Christie)

2013 The Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Bond House Gallery, New Cross

2013 Summer exhibition, Queens Parade, London, Brent Artists Resource

2010 Burgh House Art Gallery, Hampstead, London

2010 The Brewings Art Group, Lauderdale House, Highgate, London (curated by Jon Gershon)

2009 Photomonth Photo Open, Old Truman Brewery, 15 Hanbury St, London

2008 Photomonth, Photo Open, Dray Walk Gallery, 91 Brick Lane, London

2008 London Biennale Artists Group, the Foundry Pub, London EC1

2008 Climate 4 Change Exhibition at the old Mercedes Dealership, Hampstead, London

2007 Climate 4 Change Exhibition, 235-241 Union Street, Southwark, London

2007 Photomonth, Photo Open, Art Pavilion, Mile End Park

2006 Bookmarked Exhibition at Crockatt & Powell Bookshop, London SE1 (curated by Jolanta Jagiello)

2006 Art Pavilion Summer Show, Mile End Park, London

2005 Access Gallery, Sheffield

2001 www.londonphotography.org.uk/countdown/photographers.html Countdown 2000, London Day by Day, (CD), and Exhibition, LIP, London

1998 Exhibition at the 40th Anniversary of the Finnish Church Building, Rotherhithe,  London

1998 & 1996  Exhibitions by members of HAC at RFH, London

1997 -1996 Alternative Arts  Market, Old Spitalfields Market, London

1996 Art & Design Market by Candid Arts Trust, Angel Islington, London

1996 A Christmas Exhibition, The Cable Street Gallery, Limehouse,  London

1996 ‘Related Images’, LIP Exhibition, The Barbican Centre, London

1996 & 1993 Ham&High/Lloyds Bank Summer Photographic Exhibition, Swiss Cottage Library, London

1995 Seven Italian photographers, Filef Centre, Islington, London

1995 Signs of the Time, The Association Gallery, London EC1

1995 London Contemporary Photography Fair, Strand Palace Hotel, London WC2

1994 ‘Garden of Persephone’ Exhibition at Brunel Gallery, Uxbridge, Middx

1994 Women with an Attitude (Seeing the Light) The Custard Factory, Birmingham

1994 London Independent Image '94, Barbican Centre (selected by Mick Williamson&Zelda Cheatle)

1994 Selected photography, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

1994 Vices and virtues, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

1994 The Angle Gallery, ‘Back to Basics’, Birmingham

1993 British Art today, organised by the Guardian, 4th issue, Whiteleys, London (selected by Stephen Farthing, Ian Mayes, George Melly, Marina Vaizey)

1993 The Face Fits exhibition, Middleton Hall, Central Milton Keynes

1993 London Independent Image ’93, The Mermaid Theatre, London EC4 (selected by Paul Hill& Mari Mahr) & Oxford PhotoSister graphy, Oxford

1992 Ham&High/Minolta Summer Photographic Exhibition, Swiss Cottage Library, London

1989 800th Anniversary of the City of London, Tower Bridge, London

1987 Smith’s Galleries, London, Richard Demarco Gallery auction London

1986 Drawing and Print Open, Café Gallery, Bermondsey, London,


2016 Aesthetiuca, The Art and Culture Magazine, Artists' Directory,

October/November issue

2016 Sixty Artists Excel at ART/Converters!, James Brewer writes:  A Surrealist City Montage by Ritva Raitsalo, All about Shipping 'Blog Archive'

2014 Ritva Raitsalo The Coronet, 1-31 Oct, Islington Exhibits, ARTS NEWS

2014 Ritva Raitsalo Imaginary London, Venue: the Coronet, Evening Standard on line, photo City Life

2014 Ritva Raitsalo Imaginary London, The Coronet, THE LIST, every day in October, photo City Life

2014 Ritva Raitsalo Conversations with the city by Paulina Wachowicz, Islington Exhibits website, photo City Life

2014 Ritva Raitsalo, Ritva's Cities II, Collages 2013-2014, 40 pages, Blurb, Conversations with the city by Paulina Wachowicz

2014 Summer Salon Collage Exhibition, Collagistes Collected 10, Islington Art Exhibition, Ritva Raitsalo,http:// internationaltimes.it

2013 Ritva Raitsalo, http:// brentartistsresource.org.uk/ritva-raitsalo, 4 pictures

2013 Ritva Raitsalo, Ritva's Cities I, collages 2010-2013, 40 pages, Blurb, interview by Paul Gummings

2010 Magic London, hand colored montaged silver gelatin prints of 1990-1995, 40 p Blurb, text by Rod Morris

2005 www.irisphoto.org set of five photos

2005 www.bbc.co.uk/london Autumn Photo Gallery, Hampstead

2001 www.londonphotography.org.uk/countdown/photographers.html Countdown 2000, London Day by Day, (CD), LIP, London

1999 LIP Service (Journal of London Independent Photography) 4 pictures

1998 www.Artonline.uk web page with 3 pictures

1995 Seven Italian photographers by Peter Marshall, LIP Service, London, photo ‘Paul and Brian’ by Ritva Raitsalo on the cover & reference to Helsinki Arts Festival with ‘Tower of Olympic Stadium’

1995 In the city, photo montage by Ritva Raitsalo, LIPServce, March

1994 LIP Service quotes’The Soul of London’ Feather over Thames’ by Ritva Raitsalo

1994 Il Punto, Spazio Arte, n. 57 settembre/ottobre, London, page on Ritva Raitsalo plus 3 photos

1994 Lamp holders of Helsinki Railway Station in London, Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki

1994 Poster for the ‘Garden of Persephone’ Exhibition at Brunel Gallery, Brunel University, Middx

1994 Introduction to above exhibition in: What’s on magazine, Art listings Aug 10, London Design Week Diary, Design Week Aug 12, In Brief Section of Blue Print, Sept including photo ‘Feather over Thames’

1994 The Garden of Persephone, review by Peter Marshall, Inscape n. 9, London

1994 Review by Linda Talbot, Brushstrokes, Ham&High Aug 19, London

1994 Quarterly leaflet of Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

1994 Poster and catalogue of the London Independent Image ’94 exhibition, (selected by Mick Williamson and Zelda Cheatle) Barbican Centre, London

1993 Design Week Diary, introduction to the VISIONS exhibition, Design Week, Oct 8, London

1993 Review by Linda Talbot, 'Illusions of grandeur conjured by Ritva', Visions exhibition at the Everyman Cinema, Ham&High, Oct15, London

1993 Elfande Art Publishing, Surrey, Contact Illustrators Annual n.9, 3 images with Agent Debut Art

1993 BBC World Service, Interview by Sirpa Rasanen, BBC World Service

1993 Radio Mafia, Finland, Interview by Kirsti Pennanen

1993 Every woman, London, Cover page of April issue and poster

1992 British Journal of Photography, 9 April, London (introducing St. Martin's Ride)

1991 WSOY 2/91, Helsinki, Kirjasanomat

Selected Commissions 

1998 'How to control nasty migraine', Hyva Terveys 6/7, Helsinki 1998

' Depression recognized better now', Mielen terveys 3/98, Helsinki

1997‘The word on His Billness’, RE: Overdrive by James Wallace, New Scientist, June 28, 1997‘Still wild at heart’, RE: Paul Shepheard’s the Cultivated Wilderness, New Scientist, April 5, London,

1997 'Overload of chemicals presses the brain', Hyva Terveys 6/97, Helsinki ‘

1997 ‘Cyber Life @earth.com’ RE: Modest Witness by Donna Haraway, New Scientist, Jan 11

1997 Collected works RE: The best of the New SF: 'The Invisible Country,' 'All one Universe, Matters End', 'A fisherman of the Inland Sea', New Scientist, Jan 4, London,

1996 ‘Parallel thoughts of trains’, New Scientist, June 15,London,

1996 ‘From here to Milton Keynes RE: A Users guide to Millennium by J.G. Ballard, New Scientist, Feb 17

1996 Portrait of Paavo Nurmi (1917-1997) Finn Niche issues 3/1996 & 1/1997

1996 Book jacket An Image to die for by Mike Phillips (paperback), Collins Crime, London

1996 Cover page 'When the mind is ill & Violence steps aside & Bisexual in search of him or herself, Mielenterveys 5/96,Helsinki

1996 Coverage, Directory of Women’s organisations, Every woman, London

1995 'From love for myself, the only romance in the world, Hyva Terveys 9/95

1995 Collected works RE: SF books: Chaga, Fairyland, Rim, Kairos, Justice City, K-tax, New Scientist, Dec 16, London

1995 Book jacket (short listed) White Chappell Scarlet Tracings by Ian Sinclair, Vintage, London

1995 Book jacket (hardback) An image to die for by Mike Phillips, Collins Crime, London

1995 Fairval under the microscope, June, Envoy, The Prudential Executive Review, London

1995 Cover page 'Environment our shared living room'. & Articles: 'Visibility and invisibility' & 'Support from students to prevent suicides', Mielenterveys 5/95

1995 Cover page Mielenterveys 4/95 ' Does the patient get help?', Helsinki

1995 Cover page Every woman, Feb. 'The Heart of the matter', London

1995 'LSD Journey to madness', Hyva Terveys 1/95, Helsinki

1995 'Valley of decision', Banking Technology Magazine, Jan, London

1995 Cover page of the Directory of Women’s businesses 95/96, London

1994 'Rail strike', Financial Director Magazine, Nov., London

1994 'Authority complex', Corporate Cover Magazine,Nov., London

1994 'Secret of brains is revealed', Hyva Terveys 7/94, Helsinki

1994 ‘The signals show trouble ahead’, Financial Director, November, London

1994 ‘Rolling millstones’, Reactions Magazine, July, London

1994 'Dial M for mobile phones', Moneywise Magazine, May, London

1994 ‘Back to the M&A jungle?’ Reactions, March, London

1994 ‘New Life over the shop’, Moneywise Magazine, March, London

1993 'Debating Goode practice: Marching to the same tune', ICB Magazine Nov/Dec, London

1993 'Lucky Jim', portrait of James Gardner, Creative Review, Oct, London

1993 'The cadet, the ship, its owner, his P&I club/ Carrying the can for cargo', Reactions magazine, Oct. London

1993 Refitting the fleet, Corporate Cover magazine, Sept. London

1993 Mailbag ‘Getting the message home’, Moneywise magazine, Aug. London

1993 ‘Object of desire’, Banking Technology, July/August, London

1993 Cover page and inside pictures on ‘Environment cover up and Paying out for pollution’ Reactions magazine, July, London

1993 'Nowhere to call home', Moneywise magazine, London

1993 Book jacket ‘Overthrown by Strangers’ By Ronan Bennett, Penguin Publishing, London

1993 Photo shoot of the Exhibition of Alvar Aalto, Finnish Institute, London

1992 Book jacket ‘Risk’ by Ritchie Smith, Headline Publishing, London

1992 Book jacket ‘The Feminist Companion to Mythology’, Harpers Collins Publishing, London

1992 ‘Environmental Reporting; Go green or fall out of favour,’Financial Director, Feb 92, London

1991 'What did Seathl actually say?' Tiede 2000, 7/91, Helsinki

1991 Book jacket ‘St. Martins Ride’ by Paul Binding, Pan Books, London

1991 'Biological weapons',Terveys2000, 7/91, Helsinki 1991 'Who are you, Jane? WSOY Publishing, Helsinki

1991 'Weapons create the enemy', Tiede 2000, 4/91, Helsinki,

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